The International Association of Lighting Designers came to us with the idea to create the first ever international lighting designer certification. The tasks here were several:
- Create the brand
- Build marketing materials to support the brand
- Promote and create awareness 
The process of designing the brand and completing the marketing package for them took about a year. I was the main designer on the project working directly the owner and creative director of my design agency and the clients to develop the brand and deliver the final materials.
We started by meeting with the client for a two hour brainstorming session where we provided exercises and created conversation around how they envision the brand and what are the most important outtakes we need to convey with its identity. The process of creating the logo was long and it began with research and sketching.
After the logo was approved and went through multiple iterations and edits in accordance to the client's needs we proceeded to create a marketing plan that would promote the brand. That included creating a handbook, promotional brochure, postcards, smaller size foldable brochure print ads and a website. The task here was the inform and engage. 

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